Scizophrenics Usually Can Work, But It’s Complicated

People with schizophrenia usually can work. It really just depends on multiple factors and what job they pick. In this article, I will discuss schizophrenics working, best jobs for them, what prevents some from working, and what improves the odds of a schizophrenic working.

I will try to provide as much information as I can while also giving my own opinions as I am a schizophrenic that works and has a career. Just to clarify, although some schizophrenics like myself can work, not all schizophrenics can work. If you have someone you know with schizophrenia and your trying to see if they can work, no one can give you those facts. It depends on many factors.

Many of those can’t be determined by others and some are luck or luck based. If the person you know with schizophrenia isn’t working, show them compassion and kindness. One of the factors I’ll discuss further is that schizophrenics are more likely to work and be successful if they have a great support system full of family and friends.

So if you care about them, try to understand that they aren’t well right now. They aren’t lazy, just sick, so please be understanding.

Now on with the article.

What Might Prevent a Schizophrenic from Working?

Lack of Support

There’s a limitless amount of things that could be preventing one of us from working one being lack of support. One of the worst things that could happen to a schizophrenic is being homeless. As a person with experience, I know very well that we need homes even more than a lot of others as we heavily need medication, medical care and support.

If a person with this disease becomes homeless, usually they will go without medical care and treatment. This is a life destroyer. It’s important to be supported with schizophrenia and other severe illnesses.


Discrimination can also prevent schizophrenics from working. If employers know you have schizophrenia, they may fire you or not even hire you in the first place. Statistically speaking, a lot of people with schizophrenia want to work but many don’t. The main reason they cite is discrimination.

The illness itself

To be honest, schizophrenia by itself can cause people with it to not work. The symptoms of the condition can cause those with it to be unable to perform the essential job duties the job requires. On top of that, if a schizophrenic is suffering severe symptoms, they may not communicate or interact well with others which may cause the person to lose their job or be unable to get one at all.

Best Jobs for a Schizophrenic

The best jobs for someone with schizophrenia are anything that accommodates them well. For instance, if a schizophrenic is paranoid of people, trying a job that is remote or doesn’t require human interaction is probably best. If a schizophrenic has psychomotor agitation and cannot sit still then trying a physical job like package handling might be a better option.

There is no one size fits all with schizophrenics, so don’t try to fit them into a box. Schizophrenics work best if they have options, choice, and an active participation in their career choices. I’ve seen schizophrenics become doctors or lawyers. Many people who have schizophrenia can become anything they want to be. I had a manager at one of my jobs with schizophrenia and I had a supervisor at another job with schizophrenia as well.

There are schizophrenics in every job imaginable. The only jobs they can’t work are ones that they are banned from such as being in the military and being a police officer. Hopefully, if you have schizophrenia those weren’t your dream jobs. However, if you want to work those jobs it’d be best if you research the laws in your jurisdiction.

Complications of working with Schizophrenia

Not all schizophrenics should work work. Some complications may include worsening of symptoms especially if the jobs stress levels are high. It’s best for a schizophrenic to pick a job that won’t stress them out. Stress can worsen the illness, but having a job usually improves symptoms.

My Experience with Working and Having Schizophrenia

For a good portion of my life, I was unemployed or underemployed. I worked dead end jobs until I went to college for marketing and became a marketing assistant. Now my employment opportunities are much better. Prior to my career I was really unhappy due to the fact that I didn’t have a good career. I really wanted to work.

Usually schizophrenics heavily benefit from working. It tend to improve their mental health and helps them live more comfortably. I can vouch for that. When I started to work regularly, I became ecstatic and extremely excited. It made me fall in love with my job and life. If individual schizophrenics are capable of working, it tends to improve their lives and happiness when they find a career they love. I highly recommend working as a schizophrenic.

If You Want to Work but Can’t…

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