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About Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is a service where you can text in and receive crisis counseling. It’s useful for people who are suffering emotionally, experiencing a crisis, and can’t receive help immediately. My experience with Crisis Text Line has been a positive one. They aren’t a replacement for therapy, but it’s good if you suffer a crisis suddenly and need someone to reach out to. To reach them, you just need to text HOME to 741741. The service runs completely off of volunteers and they are funded by what they call partners. In this Crisis Text Line review, I will tell you more about the service.

My Experience with Crisis Text Line

I texted into Crisis Text Line a few times after hearing about them. My experience is a good one. When I texted in the first thing I received was an automated text back explaining that I’m not alone and that by texting further I agree to their terms of service. They further explained that they can’t receive texts over 160 characters. They link some resources and coping skills. Then if the line is long enough they will check in on you to see if you are still there. You need to explain your crisis to continue.

I noticed they are most busy in the evenings and at night. Usually after everyone has gotten off work and school. The best time to text in are late mornings and early afternoons. If you text in at times where they experience a high text volume, then you can expect to wait around 10-20 minutes, but sometimes longer. However it’s usually no longer than 30 minutes though. 

What To Expect

In this Crisis Text Line review, I will explain what you can expect. After texting in, you can expect someone to respond with their name and a question of what you’re texting in for. After you tell them what your crisis is, they will usually respond with a message around 2-3 sentences each time you make a text to them. In the first two or three messages they will support you by showing empathy and listening. Then they will ask more about your problem. Don’t worry about this. They just want to help you by understanding and listening.

After some time, usually 10 – 15 minutes into the conversation, they will ask about any suicidal thoughts you may be having. It might alarm you, but it’s just protocol. They aren’t going to immediately call the cops on you if you say you’re experiencing thoughts of suicide. They will then ask if you have a plan to kill yourself, if you have the means, and if you have a specific time frame. Although they don’t usually alert the police, they will perform an ‘active rescue’ if you are actually about to kill yourself. If you say you’re thinking about it, they will just try to calm you down and show you empathy and support. 

They will help you find coping mechanisms.

After listening to you and risk assessing, they will try and get you to think of coping mechanisms that will help you feel better for the rest of the day to hopefully calm you down. If you’re having anxiety, they will recommend deep breathing and try and explain to you how to do this. Personally for me, I don’t really like deep breathing because I have a fear of suffocation. When I tell them this, they have always understood and asked me if there is anything I could think of to make myself feel better that night.

Once you and your crisis counselor have agreed to a helpful coping mechanism, they will start to close the conversation and wrap up. They, for the most part, always end the conversation with telling you that you can text them back 24/7 anytime you’re having a crisis.

My Opinion of Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is a super helpful service to anyone needing immediate emotional support. I can’t recommend them enough. They are always super professional, respectful, and empathetic. I personally use them whenever I need someone to help me get through a tough time. I also decided to volunteer for them since I was so passionate about their service.

Volunteering for them has been a whole new experience for me. A part of me hates it, because it’s so stressful having suicidal people rely on me for support. I’m always worried I will mess up and say the wrong things. On the other hand, the community is amazing and so supportive. It feels like everyone that works at Crisis Text Line is an angel or something. They’re so supportive of me even when I get nervous and don’t want to work because of anxiety and bipolar disorder. They’re so understanding of my mental illnesses. The company culture is the best I’ve ever seen at a company. They support each other like they’re family. It’s really heartwarming, inspirational and beautiful.

If a Crisis Line Isn’t Good Enough for Your Needs..

Maybe you need something more extensive such as online therapy. At, you can get online therapy at a reasonable price (starting at just 39.95/week). All the therapists are certified and they offer new users a 20% discount when you use my link. They can treat a variety of mental illnesses. Therapy is useful in treating many mental health disorders. Although Crisis Text Line is very impressive, it isn’t a replacement for therapy, so be sure to use that link if you want therapy at a reasonable price.

Closing Statements

All around my experience with Crisis Text Line as a texter and as a volunteer has been amazing. They are always so empathetic and supportive. They aren’t greedy at all from what I have experienced which, in my honest opinion, is very rare for a company. Most companies only care about the cash and not the employees or really even the customers. But, this company really does truly care about its texters and their employees. They’re also really understanding of mentally ill people. They always know what to say to cheer me up. I’ve texted in countless times and they have never let me down.

Now that I’ve written this Crisis Text Line review, feel free to message me about any topic you want me to cover in my blog. It can be a story of your mental illnesses or an idea. Just leave a message below in the contact form. Also, here’s a link to my About Page.

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