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Depression Could Kill You Studies Find

We all know depression can lead to suicide, but what about other causes of death. Well multiple studies have linked depression to multiple different illnesses that can kill you. If someone told you that depression was all in your head, you can tell them to think again.

Depression Is Linked to Heart Disease

According to this scientific journal, depression is linked to an increase in the rates of heart disease. Not only is that true, but people with heart disease are more likely to be depressed. It seems depression can lead to heart disease and heart disease can lead to depression. It’s such a vicious cycle.

It’s not fully known why this is true, but doctors assume it’s a variety of factors that could cause this to be true. Some of the factors include genetics and biological factors, other causes could be poor lifestyle choices such as unhealthy eating habits and smoking, and another possibility is that the hardship of heart disease can make you depressed.

To avoid heart disease when you have depression, it’s best that you try to eat healthy whole foods, excercise, stay active throughout the day, and keep taking your medications like your supposed to. If you manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you will statistically lower your chances of heart disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease Risk is Higher

In this journal here, it indicates that depression increases the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It specifies that depression in the later years of your life increases the risk of getting this terrible disease. This is a scary reality for depressed patients. This journal indicates that depression in your younger years increases your risk of Alzheimer’s by more than two times. Then, in the later life depressed of patients, it’s between two to five times an increased risk of getting this disease.

All-Cause Death in Depression

Interestingly enough, depression increases your risk of dying by absolutely anything according to this journal. The journal indicates that depression increases mortality risk by 50 percent and is associated with a decrease in life expectancy. This is sad news for people with depression that want to live long, happy lives.

Is Depression Too Much For You to Handle

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In Conclusion

As a result of this information, I hope to not scare you into living in fear. Instead, I hope that you will receive or continue to receive treatment for your depression, so that you can possibly extend your life expectancy and quality of life.

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