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Is Love Possible with Bipolar Disorder?

In short, yes they can feel love… usually. It really depends on the person, but that can be said for normal people too. However, most people with bipolar disorder can fall in love and feel loving towards others. This is a common stigma against those with bipolar disorder, but it’s unfounded. Those with bipolar disorder can fall in love, get married, and live long happy lives.

Despite common belief, even sociopaths can love. It’s just that they don’t feel empathy like a normal person. Not that I’m comparing people with sociopathy to people with bipolar, but mentally ill people can love dammit. People with bipolar disorder can love and feel loved. However, their ability to feel it and express it might be complicated by the disorder. Let me explain.

What is Bipolar Disorder and Depression?

With bipolar disorder, you get highs and lows that are called mania and depression. Depression makes your self esteem low, makes you feel tired and makes you restless sometimes. On the other hand, mania makes you feel productive sometimes, other times restless, highly motivated, and gives high self esteem.

When you experience depression, it can impact how you feel and express love. It may cause you to think your loved ones could be better off without you or that they no longer want you around. It can be overwhelming experiencing so much negative emotion that you can’t spend quality time with them. If you have a loved one with depression or bipolar depression, make sure to give them some space.

When mania strikes, it can be hard showing love as well. Sometimes manic people will be preoccupied with something they deem as important like starting a business or going to college. As a result, they won’t be able to focus on showing love. It’s sometimes hard to sit still with mania, so sometimes cuddling is out of the question. This can bother the significant other that wants physical affection, but it’s good to let the bipolar person have their time to pace, walk it out, or just do what they want to as long as it’s not reckless.

In Conclusion

Try to be patient and understanding of those living with depression and bipolar depression. Living with bipolar disorder or depression is like living life on extreme difficulty. Remember that your loved one with these disorders can in fact love you. It’s just hard for them to express and show it.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please reach out to Crisis Text Line. You can text HOME to 741741. Please be well and have a happy day. My review of them is here.

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