About My Mental Illness Blog

I am a mental health blogger and am an advocate for mentally ill people. I hope to show the world what mental illness really is with my mental illness blog called The Bipolar Schizophrenic. Schizophrenics aren’t school shooters, depressed people aren’t selfish, people with anxiety aren’t weak, and people with bipolar disorder aren’t emotional. Having experienced many mental illnesses firsthand, I am knowledgeable in them. Other mental illnesses I always research, so I know a lot about them too.

I hope to help others with their mental illness and end stigmatization with my mental illness blog. The Bipolar Schizophrenic blog will help with spreading awareness and sharing my experience with others is something I am very passionate about. As a result, I encourage everyone to share their stories too. Because of this, I always allow comments so people can share their opinions and talk more about mental illness. If you would like to message me personally and share some stories, opinions or anything else, feel free to leave a message below. You can leave an email and I may respond. I will try to respond to everyone.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Now that you know what this mental health blog is about, let me introduce myself. I am Amaru. I’m a bipolar schizophrenic hence the name of my blog. Because I have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, I have a lot to share. I’ve experienced a lot of other mental illnesses including anxiety and PTSD as well. I will share a lot about my first hand experience in the coming blog posts. If you’re excited just as much as I am, I only hope my content won’t disappoint you. You can always message me for suggestions on content. I appreciate all suggestions made to my email.

If you’re experiencing a Crisis

If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, be sure to text in to Crisis Text Line. Text HOME to 741741. They’re a good service to use if you’re in need. I wrote a review about them here.

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